Saturday, April 25, 2009

New Life

Hard to believe that it's been less than a month since the last post -- feels like a year has passed.

On second thought, NO this blog is not dead. My renaissance of interest in the poem is expanding, and part of that rebirth (I'm committed to finishing it, as best I can) is to keep trying to communicate what I'm doing. This blog is an important part of that, even if no one's reading it, and there's no indication that anyone has.

But it's fine if my work on the poem and in this blog is like standing in the wilderness, cupping my hands around my mouth, and shouting. It's cool if the work will never be as good in the real world as it is in my internal vision of it. It's even okay if this blog lacks dynamic presentation, like images and stuff. Maybe someone will come along and read about what I'm trying to do.


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