Thursday, December 27, 2007

We Are Not Dead.

So yeah.... been a while since the last post. (I haven't done all that much with my other blog either but the point is that) I'm still at work on the beast. Early this fall I'd found a helpful method; I printed shadow copies of the episodes wherein I 'shrunk' the content of the longer scenes into the smallest font size possible.

Doing this makes a 17-page episode print as 8 pages, which throws new light on the landscape of the storylines. I can more easily ensconce the written-but-not-placed segments in their proper positions within the overall arc of the narrative. Stuff like that.

And actually I had gone several months without touching the work but I'm back to it now. With a little determination 2008 will see more activity on both the work and the blog that seeks to document it.